Projection Projects

Dress rehearsal of The Projection Space, Projection Event, 2008.

Screening of Samuel Beckett's "Film" 1964, starring Buster Keaton, on Peter Tyndall's Billboard Project titled, The Supreme Goddess as Void, with projection-space for image.

The duration of "Film" is 21 minutes, (B&W) but will be repeated during a 1-2 hour period.

"Film" is directed by Alan Schneider, produced by Barney Rosset and stars: Buster Keaton, edited by Sydney Meyers and the cinematography was by Boris Kaufman. Film was produced by Barney Rosset and Evergreen Theater.

About "Film".

Film was Samuel Beckett’s only venture into the medium of cinema, It was written in 1963 and filmed in New York in 1964, during a hot summer, Beckett made his only trip to America for the making of Film, which has no dialogue and is premised by Berkeley’s theory, Esse est percepti, that is “to be is to be perceived”: even after all outside perception - be it animal, human or divine - has been suppressed, self perception remains.


2013: Projections - Frankston.

The Passenger (Here and There) was the title of a new media project presented at the (Glass) Cube 37 Gallery at the Frankston Art Centre, 2010. The project was made up of still and animated projections. The animated projection was a reconstruction of Russian Constructivist artist, El Lissitzky's A Tale of 2 Squares, a suprematist children's book created in 1922. Other imagery projected included a satellite image of the globe and landscape photographs.

The Passenger (Here and There), 2010.

The Passenger (Here and There), 2010.

The Passenger (Here and There), 2010.

The Passenger (Here and There), 2010.

The Passenger (Here and There), 2010.

Design sketches for The Passenger (Here and There), 2010.

1989-91: Projections - outdoor site specific projections, UK.

This century, Duchamp, Cage, Schwitters and others have all exploited the artistic use of found objects, taken unaltered from the mundane world and finding a new life as art works in galleries. A recent exhibition by Australian artist Sean Loughrey in London employs the inverse of this premise by his use of the 'found gallery ' of the Elephant & Castle Shopping centre of South London for his fourth in a series of 'site specific' projections.

Bembridge, Essex, 1989. (Projected biscuit packaging)

Southwark College Gallery London,1990

Southwark College Gallery, London, 1990. (Projected fly)

Southwark College Gallery, London, 1990.

Queens Hotel, Essex, 1989.

Hadliegh Castle, Essex, UK, 1989.

Bembridge, Essex,1989.

Bembridge, Essex,1989

Temple Works Gallery, London,1990.

Temple Works Gallery, London,1990.

Richmond shop, with projected moth. 2009.

The White Lighthouse, Queenscliff, 2008. (projected image - Rosta Window, Mayavosky).