Photographic work in progress

This page includes a variety of photographic projects including street photography taken in Tokyo, images created with Infrared filters, nocturnal images inspired by cinema, still life projects inspired by 17th Century Dutch painting, and Cyanotype experiments.

These projects are experimental explorations into photographic genres.

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Still Space2
Still Space 4
Still Space 6
Still Space 3
Still Space 7
Still Space 5
Still Space 1
3. Rotten Fruit_Half Tomato
2. Rotten Fruit_Full Tomato
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Office Bin, 2015
Split House (after Gordon Matta-Clark), 2018
Hokum, 2016
Abandoned Car, 2014
Into the Void, 2018
Roadwork, 2018
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Infrared Experiments

This series of photographs explore the outer range of the visible spectrum. Photographs were created using IR filters and long exposures. The images were to reflect an exploration into the less visible aspects of the visible spectrum and the nature of radiation.

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Studio Projects

The selected images depict studio experimentation in which ideas relating to representation, light and colour are examined. Images range from macro, still life arrangements to Cyanotype printing processes.

Untitled 12, 2018
Studio Still Life 54, 2018
Studio Still Life 55, 2018
Studio Still Life 56, 2018
Studio Still Life 57, 2018
Studio Still Life 53, 2017
Studio Still Life 52, 2017
A Grid of Jonquils, 2017
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Cyanotype on paper
Cyanotype on paper
Cyanotype on paper
Cyanotype on paper
Cyanotype on paper
Studio, 2018
The Project Space, 2018
Collections, Glass Negative (Cyanotype), 2018
Cyanotype Collage, 2018
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